Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in Detail

Why does ELTO exist?

ELTO is a proactive move by the insurance industry to meet its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace to identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

How does ELTO work? The Employers' Liability Database (ELD) contains all new and renewed EL insurance policies since April 2011, old EL policies that have new claims made against them and over 5 million historic policies not required by FCA regulations.

What are insurers being asked to do? Any insurer who has, or has had, authorisation to write general insurance in the UK is required to abide by FCA regulations on tracing EL policies. If they sell or have sold EL insurance in the UK:

Publish data of their current and/or expired EL policies on their own website, which must have a search facility. The Chief Executive of the insurer must declare to the FCA that this information is correct and up to date; OR

Become a member of a tracing office such as ELTO to meet FCA standards.

How do I make an enquiry?

The ELTO service enables an immediate search of a single database of all EL policies.

An extended search facility is available for enquiries that do not return a full match.

A Help Guide has been produced to support users to search for EL policies in the most effective way.

Will ELTO help me get compensation for my injury?

ELTO is not a compensatory body. The results of an EL search provide claimants with information to help them trace an EL insurer.

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